About the Farm

Amid the arid desert of the San Lorenzo Valley, dedicated farmers harness the Andean waterways to keep their unexpected groves blooming on even the hottest of days. These smallholder growers have organized into collectives and use diverse agroforestry to make the most of their yields, cultivating their cacao alongside mango, citrus, and rice.

About the Partnership

Together with Original Beans, we pay conservation premiums to preserve the genetics of this ultra-rare Piura cacao. By identifying genetically strong trees, establishing new cacao nurseries, and providing ongoing nursery management training, we can ensure this varietal will be enjoyed for years to come.

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Bean Profile

  • Genetics: Albino / Nacional
  • Size: Almond, Varied size 100 gr for 93 beans
  • Fermentation: Central Fermentation, Wooden Boxes, 6 – 8 days
  • Drying: Wooden drying beds

Flavor Profile

  • Floral: ●○○○
  • Fruit: ●●●●
  • Nut: ●●○○
  • Chocolate: ●○○○
  • Acidity: ●●●○

Ordering Information

  • Hand Sort: Yes
  • Bag Size: 62.5 kg
  • Certifications: Organic
  • FOB Price: $5,000 USD / Mt
  • Availability: USA/Europe
  • Harvest Season: February to June/ Oct Nov
  • Annual Harvest Volume: 40 MT

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