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We have a long history of establishing partnerships with farmers that go beyond commercial relationships. These farmer partnerships focus on three areas of impact at origin.



We seek to contribute to the integral development of cocoa growing communities by considering their unique needs and identifying initiatives that improve quality of life for producers and their families.


We are committed to conserving the environment in and around the cocoa growing communities we work with, focusing on the protection of natural resources through improved farming techniques.


We focus on improving the health of our supply chain through direct relationships that benefit farmers with fair prices and resources and benefit our clients with a sustainable supply of high quality beans.

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We work towards social, environmental and economic impact by implementing sustainability programs and facilitating transparency and open communication between the farmer and chocolate maker.

We Initiate Innovative Sustainability Programs

We initiate and manage a wide variety of sustainability projects at the farms we work with to improve quality and productivity. We start by engaging farmers to implement good agricultural practices and progress to financing larger community improvement projects.

Common initiatives at origin include:

  • Training on disease reduction methods and pruning techniques for increased yield
  • Distributing shade and fruit trees for farm diversification
  • Implementing organic fertilization and composting processes to reduce environmental impact
  • Financing irrigation systems and post-harvest facilities to improve community infrastructure
cacao farmer
Farmer practices a new pruning method for increased productivity
cacao trees
New batch of cocoa trees for a farm rehabilitation

You Can Access Advanced Traceability Resources

We believe in complete transparency for chocolate makers, and offer a number of advanced traceability resources for those who want to go beyond basic insights on origins. One level of transparency comes from sharing information and another comes from seeing the locations and context of farmers through technology.

Advanced traceability resources include:

  • GPS mapping of the farms you source from
  • Post-harvest fermentation time and method
  • Post-harvest drying time and method
  • Advanced flavor notes
GPS mapping of farms at origin
GPS mapping of farms at one of our origins

Together We Can Implement Custom Projects

We love working with chocolate makers who have big ideas on changing the world by doing the right thing at the source. Tell us how much you’re interested in investing and we’ll use our extensive expertise at our origins to help you shape the strategy and execute a successful implementation.

Types of initiatives we support include:

  • Productivity and quality improvements on the farm
  • Environmental process improvements on the farm
  • New cacao product development, or custom product enhancements
  • Community infrastructure and quality of life improvement projects