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Select from an Existing Source

We regularly add new sources to our portfolio and we encourage you to explore them by flavor profile and sustainability initiative. If you choose an existing source, you will benefit from our existing streamlined supply chain while having direct access to your farmer.

  • Minimum Order: 1 bag (69 kilos)
  • Average Time to Delivery: 2 weeks
  • Mixing: allowed with a minimum order of one bag per source

Direct Trade with a New Source

If you would like to work with a new source, we can facilitate all aspects of the direct trade as your supply chain partner. You will maintain an open relationship with the farmer and have our support in implementing any sustainability initiatives central to your mission.

  • Minimum Order: 12 metric tons or more
  • Average Time to Delivery: 4 months
  • Mixing: allowed with sources from the same country

As your supply chain partner, we facilitate all aspects of delivering cacao from your source to you. We have an international network of warehouses and relationships with transportation companies and ports to ensure a smooth delivery process. We have quality assurance checkpoints every step of the way to ensure you’re consistently getting an outstanding product. And we’ve been doing it successfully for more than 150 years.

sourcing diagram

Expand your capabilities

bags of cacao beans

Stock Management

Are you still ramping up your warehousing capacity? As your supply chain partner, we can offer you space in the nearest warehouse in our global distribution system when you need it.

Cacao Products

We offer a wide variety of certified and conventional processed cacao products including cacao butter, liquor, pulp and powder to help with your chocolate making needs.

Programs at Origin

Our roots in origin countries and close working relationship with farmers uniquely position us to implement our standard sustainability programs or new programs of your choosing.

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