Beyond quality cacao

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  • Experience: Our team has experience across all latitudes, from working directly with farmers to supplying quality cacao beans for the best chocolate.
  • Impact: With more than 50 years of experience in the cocoa supply chain, we have learned the importance of communication and teamwork when building a source.
  • Partnership: We support not only the source, but also a growing industry of chocolate makers concerned about sourcing the right way.
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Cacao Latitudes

More than 1,500 Partnerships with Farmers
5 Established Countries with 3 in Development
More than 20 Varieties of Cacao Available
3 Direct Trade Projects with Chocolate Makers

Know your farmer

Communication matters

We believe that open communication between the farmer and chocolate maker is one of the most important functions of a supply chain partner. Every farmer will at some point face issues impacting productivity and quality, and these issues need to be effectively communicated to the chocolate maker to inform business decisions.

After many years of deep involvement at every stage of the supply chain, we know how to translate what’s happening at the source to the chocolate maker. We have boots on the ground at the source, or if we don’t, we communicate regularly to take responsibility for stepping in to help reach a resolution faster.

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