Cacao Latitudes is part of a family owned company that began working in agricultural supply chains in 1849. Now, the global reach of the Esteve family is reflected in the English, French, Spanish and Portuguese heard over the dinner table at family gatherings. Over many generations, we have learned the importance of building partnerships to offer support to our clients, including both farmers and chocolate makers. We understand the challenges facing cacao producers after spending time in many origins, tasting a variety of cacao and having long conversations with farmers.

Cacao Latitudes was established to support the growing industry of chocolate makers who are focused on unique flavor profiles, special terroirs and sharing the extraordinary farmer story. The transformation of cacao to chocolate is remarkable and we hope to be a partner in helping this transformation benefit all.

cotton trade
The first agricultural supply chain the family worked in was cotton, shown here in an old family photo.

Meet our customers


We serve a wide range of chocolate makers who care about high quality at competitive prices. Artisan chocolate makers who are transitioning to selling at retail chains or opening their own storefronts value a partner who can scale with them. And large national and international brands value a partner who can help them begin to place a focus on transparency in sourcing. Meet just a few of our valued customers.

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Justine Chesnoy

Cacao Sourceur - Europe

Justine connects European chocolate makers with specialty cocoa for Cacao Latitudes and is based in Marseille, France.

Justine specializes in finding the right sustainable relationship between farmers and chocolate makers. She worked in cocoa sales in London and managed cocoa at origin in Peru. Justine discovered cocoa while working in Venezuela with an NGO after graduating from college.  

Dan Domingo

Cacao Sourceur - US

Dan focuses on North American sourcing and sales for Cacao Latitudes and is based in New York City.

Dan specializes in cocoa sensory analysis and testing. He has been a Certified Grader for the Cocoa Exchange since 2013 and has been a member of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association’s Board of Directors since 2015.

Alejandra Avila

Logistics - US

Alejandra handles cocoa logistics within the United States for Cacao Latitudes.

Alejandra has more than 15 years of experience in cocoa and coffee. She has served as an analyst for traders as well as a sensory evaluation and sampling expert. Alejandra also represents Cacao Latitudes in the CMA Warehouse Committee.

Kate Cavallin

Operations & Strategy Director

Kate manages strategy and development for Cacao Latitudes.

Kate began her adventures in cocoa as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic where she worked with a cooperative of organic cocoa farmers. During her time there, she learned how to ship cocoa beans by air, container freight and even sailboat. She has been connecting specialty chocolate makers with high quality cacao farmers for over a decade.

Rich Falotico

Commercial Director

Rich manages commercial strategy for Cacao Latitudes.

Rich has spent his career working in the agricultural commodity space. He specializes in the cocoa sector with experience in beans, products, risk management and logistics. He has been helping growing chocolate makers source quality beans for more than a decade. Prior to cocoa, he worked in coffee, spending time at origin in Nicaragua and Mexico.

Jose Altamirano

Cacao Coordinator

Jose coordinates specialty cocoa for for various chocolate making markets looking for exotic and unique flavors.

Jose entered the world of cacao in 2017 when he began working in the purchasing department of Agroarriba, a cacao exporter in Ecuador. He regularly visits farmers and has a deep understanding of the supply chain.